Holy Rosary Catholic Voluntary Academy

Loving Heart – Strong Mind

Collective Worship

Our Catholic  worship is concerned with giving glory, honour, praise and thanks to God. It is our loving response, in word and action, to God’s invitation to encounter and enter into relationship, made possible through the work of Jesus Christ and the witness of the Holy Spirit.


Collective Worship gives opportunities for pupils and staff to:

  • Give honour and praise to God
  • Contemplate something of the mystery of God
  • Develop the school as a community of faith, developing a common ethos and shared values
  • Encounter and develop their relationship with God, creation and the community of the Church
  • To respond to and celebrate life
  • To experience a sense of self belonging and develop community spirit
  • Reflect on spiritual and moral issues
  • Explore their own beliefs
  • Grow in spirituality, liturgical understanding and development
  • To take time out ‘to wonder at’, ‘to come to terms with’ and 'to give worth to.'

The God Who Speaks - Celebrating, Living and Sharing God's Word - Luke 22: 24

As part of our Covid-19 Curriculum Review, the messengers will be sharing stories that were missed from the units of work we were supposed to cover during the...