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Covid-19 - Staffordshire Increased Testing Capacity

Increased Testing Capacity in Staffordshire - IMPORTANT

With the increasing positive Covid-19 cases within the Holy Rosary community, please take note of the following information from the Local Outbreak Team regarding the #DoingOurBit Campaign. Holy Rosary CVA staff, pupils and their families can support each other in the run up to Christmas.

The capacity for testing in Staffordshire has increased and, as a result, Staffordshire residents may receive precautionary tests if you have any of these other symptoms:

-Aches and pains
-Feeling very tired for no good reason
-Sore throat
-Runny nose
-Sometimes ‘tummy ache’ in children

The national testing centres across the county have good availability, and can be booked through the NHS website or by clicking here: People booking a test through this website need to mark the ‘My council has asked me to get a test’ option.

Please note, Staffordshire residents are advised to still attend work and school if they are awaiting a test for one of the other symptoms listed above and you would ONLY have to self-isolate if the test comes back positive.

There are also a number of community testing sites that change on a weekly basis so #DoYourBit and get a test.

Further information on the #DoYourBit can be found here: