Holy Rosary Catholic Voluntary Academy

Loving Heart – Strong Mind

Meet the Staff

Holy Rosary CVA Class Structure 2021/22

Senior Leadership Team


Headteacher - Mr Brogan


Deputy Headteacher and Year 1 Teacher - Mrs Dyche


Designated Safeguarding Lead, Pupil Premium Lead and Year 3 Teacher - Miss Hook


SEND Lead - Miss Mulligan


Early Years Lead and Reception Class Teacher - Mrs Thomas


Business Managers

Mrs Faircliff
Mrs Dabrowska

Teaching Staff


Mrs Petcher - Mental Health Leader, Reception and Year 1 Teacher


Miss Fitzpatrick - Writing Lead and Year 2 Teacher


Mr Heath - Geography and History Lead and Year 4 Teacher


Mr Withey - Science Lead and Year 4 Teacher


Mr Hancock - Maths Lead and Year 5 Teacher


Miss Gillen - English as an Additional Language Lead and Year 6 Teacher


Miss Sanderson - Reading Lead and Year 6 Teacher


PPA Cover - Madame Shipley - Mr Mansfield

Home-School Support


Pupils and Family Support Worker - Tom Miller


Family Project Worker - Mrs Wells

Site Management
Ronald Stone

Support Staff

Mrs Parker - Mr Hall - Mrs Middleditch - Mrs Batchelor - Mr Miller - Mrs Wright - Mrs Everett - Mrs Dukes - Miss Murphy - Mrs Pickering - Mrs Hnilka - Mrs Plachta-Rostocka


Kitchen Staff


Angie Barks - Di Teasel - Shayzu Hussain


Lunchtime Staff


Mrs Thorpe - Mrs Fletcher - Mrs Meddings - Mrs Longman