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Ofsted and Performance Data

On this page, you can find the most recent Ofsted report.
We are keen to gather as much information as possible on how we are doing and your views and feedback are really important to us.  Please use the Ofsted Parent View link to give up-to-date views on the school. 

Parent View Results

Progress against our Ofsted Action Plan - December 2018 update​ 


Since Ofsted visited in October 2017, we have been working on an action plan to rapidly improve the aspects of the school that were in need of attention.


The academy is working on specific objectives under each area of the four headings in our Ofsted report and has regular Ofsted Executive Board meetings with the Academy Trust Chief Executive, Sean McClafferty and the academy's Director of Performance and Standards, Kate Mann who provide scrutiny and challenge. 


The main priorities for the academy now are:

  • Improving writing
  • High levels of challenge in Maths
  • Phonics


To deliver these high level objectives we set ourselves more detailed actions under the headings of the Ofsted framework:


1. Leadership and Management, including governors

Our objectives are to further improve:

  • our monitoring and evaluation of teaching and learning
  • the leadership of the Early Years
  • the leadership of SEND
  • the leadership of Safeguarding
  • the leadership of Pupil Premium
  • the effectiveness of governors in monitoring and holding the leadership of the school to account
  • middle leaders - to develop their skills in interpreting data and increase their subject knowledge
  • the leadership of EAL


So far our monitoring, coaching and support has improved teaching and learning across the school and we are seeing this in the progress our children are making.


We have an accurate picture about each child, their learning and what they need to do to make progress and we share this with parents through the termly data reports.


Our staff have received training and support in the specialist areas of SEND, Pupil Premium, Early Years and Safeguarding and where appropriate additional professional qualifications are underway.


Our middle leaders have been meeting regularly to look at effective strategies to raise attainment in English, Maths and EAL.


Governors have carried out focussed monitoring visits during this term (Advent 2018) looking at Safeguarding, Writing, Catholic Life and SEND.


2. Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment

To improve writing by:

  • improving teachers' knowledge and assessment practices
  • embed the process of teaching writing
  • make writing fundamental to each child's learning
  • make writing engaging and interesting


So far we have provided training for teachers to improve their knowledge.  We have shared practices with other successful schools.

The writing of our children has been moderated against other local schools and against national standards so that we have confidence that what we are teaching is improving standards.

Any gaps in children's knowledge have been identified and teaching is targetted to fill the gaps.

We have funded additional resources to ensure that children have access to engaging themes for their writing.


3. Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare

We have focussed on our behaviours for learning (the PINKTEES) as these are the foundations needed by every child if they are to achieve their best.

  • improve strategies to manage specific behaviours
  • develop staff and pupil understanding of ways to promote specific behaviours for learning


We have developed, promoted and developed the PINKTEES and all monitoring activity always includes evidence that staff and pupils are adopting the behaviours.  Pupils know and understand the PINKTEES.


A recent pupil survey demonstrated that pupils consider that low level disruption to their learning has decreased over the last year.


4. Effectiveness of Early Years


Our overall objective for Early Years is to improve communication and language across all subjects and we have been doing this by:

  • developing the indoor environment to enable communication and language to develop
  • create structure and opportunities for communication and language
  • improve the outdoor provision


We have redesigned and resourced the indoor provision.

Monitoring has demonstrated that communication and language development is a focus throughout the day.

We are developing the outdoor environment and have recently enabled Reception to have a dedicated outdoor area.