Holy Rosary Catholic Voluntary Academy

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Uniform Information


The school has nominated Tesco’s as our preferred uniform supplier, by simply clicking below this online service now provides embroidered uniforms for our school, as well as giving you the opportunity to earn Tesco club card points, free delivery and a 5% cash donation to the school.  Pupil’s Schoolwear,31 West Street in Swadlincote also stock the school’s uniform.


Please ensure that all items of P.E Kit and clothing are identified in some way.  If you do not have name labels, then names can be written on the cleaning instruction tag.

* (Parents will be informed as to which team their children will be in when they start school).




*  Blue Aertex Shirt (preferably with school logo)

*  Blue, Crew Necked Long Sleeved Sweatshirt

*  Grey Trousers

*  Grey Shorts (Summer)

*  Grey Socks (no trainer socks)

*  Black Shoes




*  Blue Aertex Shirt (preferably with school logo)

*  Blue, Crew Necked Long Sleeved Sweatshirt (with school logo)   OR  *  Blue Cardigan (with school logo)

*  Grey Skirt, pinafore or grey tailored trousers

*  White or Grey Knee Length Socks

*  White ankle socks (Summer) (no trainer socks)

*   Grey Tights

*   Blue & White Check Patterned Dress (Summer)

*  Black shoes (no fashion boots or boots above the ankle)

*  Sandals (Summer – must have an ankle strap and be worn with socks)

*  Blue, Black or Brown Hair Accessories (plain)


Girls & Boys PE


* Black Shorts (loose fitting – no logos)

* Black Plimsolls (Key Stage 1 & 2)

* Trainers for outdoor use 
   (Key Stage 2)

* Short Sleeved Crew-necked T-shirt
   team colour* (no logos)

* Blue PE Bag with “pull string”

* Gum shield and shin pads


NB Parents/carers will be informed as to which team their children will be in when they start school.
If you have more than one child attending the school, they should have the same colour P.E Kit.

NB   no jewellery or make up is permitted. One watch and one pair of stud earrings are permitted)

Sun hats may be worn during the summer months, when outdoors.Sunglasses are not permitted, unless required medically. Wellies are permitted in adverse weather conditions, when walking to and from school or outdoors. However, a suitable pair of school shoes should be changed into upon arrival.